Social Justice and Quantitative Methods

While there are many great quantitative methods resources, there is a lack of ones that focus specifically on issues of equity. Through this page we hope to promote the use of quantitative methods that are better suited for engaging in anti-racist and anti-sexist research than traditional quantitative methods.

As a group we’ve been discussing and investigating the impacts of using particular quantitative methods in social justice research. Below we include topics that we have considered. As we create write ups about each they will become links that include our rational for recommending a particular set of best practices.

  1. Overview of QuantCrit
  2. Tenets of QuantCrit
  3. Data collection and preparation
    1. Power analysis
    2. Data cleaning
    3. Missing data
    4. Aggregation of data
    5. Making data available
    6. Quality of data
      1. Validity arguments for instruments
  4. Data analysis
    1. Descriptive statistics
    2. Moving beyond p-values
    3. Making code available
    4. Model specification
    5. Large scale datasets and nested data
  5. Interpreting findings
    1. Measures of equity
    2. Data visualization
    3. Model uncertainty
  6. Evaluation
  7. Not sure what to call this category
    1. Positionality statements
    2. Land acknowledgements