Simplifying assessment of student outcomes

Learning About STEM Student Outcomes (LASSO) is an online platform to support instructors assessing their courses. The platform administers assessments online to students, freeing up class time, and automatically analyzes the data. LASSO is hosted on the website.

We developed the LASSO online assessment platform to increase instructor use of research-based assessments (RBAs). LASSO does this by making it easy to collect and analyze high-quality evidence about student learning in their courses. Specifically, LASSO simplifies the process of administering, scoring, and analyzing RBAs and saves class time by automating the process online. Course results are anonymized and aggregated in the LASSO database to provide instructors normative feedback about their student outcomes. For more information on why and how to administer RBAs online, we recommend the article: Online Administration of Research-Based Assessments.

RBAs, such as the Force Concept Inventory, measure students’ knowledge of concepts or attitudes that are core to a discipline. The LASSO database offers researchers access to a large-scale, multi-disciplinary, and longitudinal student and course-level data. The database can save researchers significant time and allow them to investigate novel research questions that require large datasets.

We offer pages on: 1) how LASSO supports instructors, 2) how LASSO supports researchers, and 3) research on collecting and analyzing data using LASSO.