Using LASSO to conduct and publish SoTL in your classroom


These workshop materials support educators in using LASSO and institutional data to evaluate their courses and compare course performance to normative data. For example educators may use research-based assessments and digital tools to evaluate the impact of locally generated culturally relevant pedagogy on student outcomes and equity in their courses.

What is SoTL?

  1. What is SoTL video
  2. Benefits of SoTL video
  3. Model of SoTL video
  4. Resources

What are some resources for publishing SoTL?

Deep dive on example(s) of SoTL

What is IRB?

What are research-based assessments?

Developing research questions

Using the LASSO platform to collect assessment data and answer research questions.

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Analyzing data beyond the scope of LASSO.

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  3. Benchmark tools folder

Resources page for publishing