STEM Equity publications

We are building out our list of publications in STEM equity, please bear with us while we create a more complete list.


  • Van Dusen, B. & Nissen, J. (2020). Associations between learning assistants, passing introductory physics, and equity: A quantitative critical race theory investigation. Physical Review Physics Education Research. 16, doi: 10.1103/PhysRevPhysEducRes.16.010117
  • Van Dusen, B. & Nissen, J. (2020). Equity in College Physics Student Learning: a Critical Quantitative Intersectionality Investigation. Journal of Research in Science Teaching. doi:10.1002/tea.21584
  • Barthelemy, R., Van Dusen, B., & Henderson, C. (2015). Physics Education Research: A Research Subfield of Physics with Gender Parity. Physical Review Physics Education Research, 11(2), doi:10.1103/PhysRevSTPER.11.020107
  • Nissen, J., & Van Dusen, B. (2020). Educational debts incurred by racism and sexism in students’ beliefs about physics. In L. Ding, A. Traxler, & Y. Cao (Eds.), Proc. 2019 Physics Education Research Conference. doi:10.1119/
  • Van Dusen, B. and Nissen, J. (2018). Systemic Inequities in Introductory Physics Courses: the Impacts of Learning Assistants, In L. Ding, A. Traxler, & Y. Cao (Eds.), Proc. 2017 Physics Education Research Conference (400- 403). doi:10.1119/
  • VanDusen, B., White, J.S.S., & Roualdes, E.(2016).The Impact of Learning Assistants on Inequities in Physics Student Outcomes. In D. L. Jones, L. Ding, & A. Traxler (Eds.), Proc. 2016 Physics Education Research Conference (pp. 360–363).




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