LASSO supports research

LASSO is designed to support researchers in several ways:

  1. Developing and validating instruments
  2. Collecting student data
  3. Accessing large-scale, nation wide anonymized datasets of student outcomes

The LASSO Platform aggregates and anonymizes the assessment data for researchers with IRB approval to use. Most students who take part in LASSO assessments (83%) agree to share their anonymized data with researchers. Besides providing researchers with information about student performance and demographics, the database also provides course-level information (e.g., goals of the course, how many times the instructor has taught the course before, and the class size). As of the Summer 2018 term, the LASSO research database has data from 32,728 students, in 618 courses, from 51 institutions (Table 1).

Table 1. Data within the LASSO researcher database by discipline as of the 2018 Fall term.

Discipline Institutions Instructors Courses Students
Physics 41 129 462 19,819
Astronomy 3 3 3 181
Mathematics 7 11 30 2,257
Chemistry 12 20 68 5,764
Biology 12 21 75 5,575

While all instructor features on LASSO are free, there are fees to access to the LASSO database. The fees are small enough to not prevent researcher access to the database while providing funds to make the LASSO platform sustainable.

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