Jayson Nissen Bio

Jayson on the shores of Waldo Lake
Jayson on the shores of

I founded Nissen Education Research and Design LLC to pursue doing science as a discipline-based education researcher wherever my wife’s career takes her. I also love to teach and have taught at the University of Maine as a graduate student and at Oregon State University. At both universities, I have worked with learning assistants and had the fortune to serve on the leadership council for the Learning Assistant Alliance. My research often looks at the efficacy and impacts of the LA model nationally. This work uses quantitative methods and a QuantCrit framework to investigate racism, sexism, and classism in college science classrooms through the analyses of large datasets.

I have two NSF funded projects, as of 2021. One current project builds resources to support STEM instructors at Hispanic serving institutions to develop, disseminate, and use evidence-based instructional strategies that support equity in their classrooms. A second project uses mixed-methods to understand the group and individual experiences of confusion in explicitly confusing physics tasks. My work in that project focuses on collecting in-the-moment experiences with the Experience Sampling Method.

I am also a coleader of the Physics Education Research Working Group on Statistics, which runs annual workshops on statistics; and an organizer of the PER Review Network, which supports junior scientists in conducting effective peer review.

To balance and enable my work, I love moving through and being in nature with my wife, daughter, and great friends. Sustainable development of the Gardens climbing area is one of my greatest joys. I like applying my physics knowledge in the physical world.

Jayson winter camping with a tear drop trailer.
Jayson winter camping and skiing with the teardrop trailer he built.
Palm tree and camper at sunset.
Palm tree and camper at sunset.