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Empowering diversity
of research in
STEM education.


Currently, literature in STEM education over-represents dominant culture students and favors teaching practices at predominantly white, highly selective institutions.

Our mission is to empower STEM researchers and instructors at minority-serving institutions in advancing and diversifying the literature base to support college STEM instructors in repaying the educational debts society owes to minoritized students.

"I feel very inspired and empowered to get engaged with SOTL."
Ruth Saunders
STEMEquity Workshop Participant
“It is a great tool to compare students term by term, and to see the growth.”
Martina Bode
STEMEquity Workshop Participant
“It’s an easy way to administer research-based assessments across multiple courses and sections for departmental program evaluation. Overall LASSO is really fantastic, and I want to continue using it.”
Trevor Smith
STEMEquity Workshop Participant
“I really appreciated the report that was generated.”
Katie Johnson
STEMEquity Workshop Participant


STEM Equity is continuously adding to our personal and professional resources and partners in the mission of equitable STEM education.

If you know of an organization we should know about or partner with, or would like to support STEM Equity’s mission, please contact us.