Why host an instrument on LASSO?

LASSO is designed with two audiences in mind: instructors and researchers. For instructors, it’s a free online tool to identify, administer, score, and analyze research-based assessments. Instructors upload a class list with emails, and the LASSO system will automatically send students emails with unique links to the assessment. The unique links allow faculty to track student participation and automates pairing pre and posttest scores. Instructors can download all of their students responses and overall score and/or a PDF with pre-post distributions of student scores and some descriptive statistics. 
For researchers, LASSO takes the student and course level data, anonymizes it and adds it to the LASSO researcher database. This anonymized database is made available to researchers with IRB approval. The first three years of data collected with each instrument is available free of charge so that faculty can perform smaller studies and explore what the data looks like. More data can be purchased. This is how we keep keep LASSO sustainable. Instrument developers have the option of keeping access to the data from their instrument on researcher database exclusive to themselves for the first 3 years in order to complete initial investigations into the instrument. After the 3 year period, the data will be made public.
To add the instrument to LASSO, all we’d need is the instrument with its key. We also have information pages for each instrument. It is helpful when instrument developers provide us the information for those pages. Failing that we’ll use the literature we can find on the instrument to create the information page.